The Best Conure Cage

One of the major concerns of conure owners or would-be conure owners is providing the best conure cage. You have a stored some of the best food options for your pet and may know a thing or two about proper handling of the bird, but if you do not have an appropriate space for your birds to stay in or are not consistently doing proper maintenance of your pet birds’ housing, soon enough your birds will be displaying unexpected behaviors or may even fall ill. Remember that it is in proper bird cage maintenance that you will enjoy the returns of your investments (time, money, and effort), and also be able to keep your priced pets healthy and well longer.

Keeping Your Pet Safe Keeps Your Family Safe As Well

Conure Cage

Caring for birds is just the same as caring for other pets. You would want to ensure your pet birds’ health not only for their benefit, but also for you and the other members of your family. It is important to note that pets, like birds, can also transmit diseases to humans. This means that if your birds fell ill because of your neglect, there is a chance that the other members of your family, especially the younger ones, older members of the family, and those with special condition, will catch the disease.

Making sure that your pet conures are kept free of any illness is a good way to keep diseases away from your family as well.

Proper Bird Cafe Maintenance

Birds, like most animals, have the ability to keep themselves clean. However, they do not have the capacity to control whatever is in their environment. Birds that are confined to their cages won’t be able to tell you to keep the dust from covering their cages and every other item inside their housing.

They also do have any control over their bodies and may be leaving their wastes wherever they may be allowed to do so. And they cannot tell their bodies not to leave a single dropping in the conure cage just to make sure that it will be kept clean and smelling nice after you have the cage cleaned. Proper upkeep of the birds’ housing is a continuous process. It is also time consuming. However, it is necessary to ensure that both your family and the bird can enjoy better living conditions any time.


Proper Horse Diet

Mare sure that your horse is provided with a proper diet may be quite a challenge. But as it is an essential factor in maintaining the overall health and proper functioning of the horse, it is inevitable that you make sure you know much about how to provide proper horse diet to ensure that your horse will remain healthy and well.

It is also necessary to understand how much your horse would need to sustain its well-being. Since this animal does not have a huge digestive track, it won’t require as much food that other animals of its size would require. It will require frequent feeding, however, as it does consume energy quite well.

Proper Horse Diet

In general, a horse will need to be provided with high quality feed and supplements to ensure that it will remain healthy and well.

What composes a horse’s diet?


Pasture is an important form of feed for horses. They need to graze and consume high-quality pasture for optimal health. They would need about 8 to 10 hours at pasture to ensure that they get to consume the right amount and at areas where there is good quality of pasture forage.

A horse’s grazing behavior will most likely depend on factors, such as the age of the horse, the workload of the horse, pasture management practices, the time and season of foraging, as well as the quality of forage available. You may observe horses who have access to good quality pasture that are available in a greater amount, to graze longer than those who are limited to otherwise less appealing pasture forage.

Grazing also allows the horse to socialize with other horse. They would be walking around either to find a better grazing ground or be close to other horses of their kind. Whatever the condition of the grazing ground, the time spent by a horse to graze will depend largely on its nutritional need.


Domestic or cart pulling horses feed more on hay. When looking for high-quality hay for horses, make sure that the hay is fresh green, mold free, as well as dust free. It will also be preferable to have the hay packed in a bale at normal temperature. Warm storage attracts fungi and mold, so it is best to have the hay in a storage kept at normal temperatures. You will also need to consider the type of hay as the nutritional value of the hay depends on it. It is best to combine different types of hay for the most health benefits for your horse.


Horses that have heavy workloads or those that are used to pull carts will need more than just hay and fresh pasture. Those who have special condition, such as pregnant mares, will need other sources of nutritional supplementation to maintain their good health. Concentrates should be given to them aside from their daily diet. These supplements would include whole or cracked grains, molasses, as well as feeds like cubes. Others also find beet pulp a good alternative.

A good indicator of a horse’s overall health is its hooves. The horse’s coat is also a good indicator of how well it is. Poor quality hooves – cracking and with strong odor and a dull coat are indicators that your horse is not being well fed.

A balanced diet for horses will also provide the essential minerals, fats and oil for horse, antioxidants, as well as the needed vitamins that will ensure that the animal will maintain its overall good health.

The best way to determine whether the quality of hay and pasture that your horse has access to is to have these feed sources tested. You may also rely on whatever is available from the most favored providers within your community for the most palatable and appropriate diet that could be provided to your horse. (more…)

Turtle & Tortoise Food

Aquariums have of late been so prominent among many people. Turtles and fish are reared in these aquariums. However, the most essential things are to feed the turtle with the appropriate food if you ever dream of it surviving in that aquarium. Nonetheless, getting the best turtle food is not a very hard task since most of these turtles are not so demanding. There are different types of foods for turtles in the market. Since your main goal is getting the best turtle food, we can always help you out to get some.

Turtle Food

Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food

Zoo med is one of the most natural food since it is made from the natural ingredients. It provides the safety needed to the pet hence ensuring good health. Depending on your requirements, the product always available in 3 distinct sizes that have different levels of protein. All that you have to do is choose what you need for your pet. These sizes are the maintenance, growth and the hatchling formula. (more…)

Habitat for Green Anoles

Green anoles are lizards estimated to be between 5 to 8 inches in length. The lizard has a long and skinny tail with white lips and belly. It has characteristic long hind legs and pads on its feet that help it with mobility on different surfaces. More so, it has eyelids that can move independently of each other. Unlike most of the other lizards, this bright green lizard has the ability to change its colour to dark brown or even brownish green. The characteristic best habitat for green anoles has been described in this article.

Green Anoles

Choosing Habitat for Green Anole


When choosing a habitat for green anoles, it can be easier to have anoles of the same sex in the same habitat. However, when putting them together, ensure that the reptiles are of the same size to avoid conflict and competition that arises from one being smaller and the other one being bigger. When preparing the best habitat for a green anole, a vivarium should first be considered. This refers to a vented lid container that is similar to an aquarium. The container is one of the best ways to keep a lizard since the ideal humidity amounts can easily be maintained and controlled for the survival and good health of the lizard. (more…)

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

Dog Walkingdogwalking

Dog walking Our dog walking service allows your dog(s) to get the exercise and playtime they need. You can choose the time that you want your dog to be walked whether it be a mid-day break while you are at work or a morning or evening walk. Your dog(s) will not be walked with any other client’s pets unless requested so we can give them the individual attention that they deserve. We are fully insured to walk your best friend.

Thirty minute walk – $25
One hour walk/playtime – $40
Mid-day potty break (10 minutes, downtown residents only) – $10

Pet Sitting

City Pet Supply’s pet-sitting service allows your pet to relax in the comfort of your own home and avoid noisy, stressful kennels while you are away. We are able to offer your pets individual attention and personalize our service to meet the needs of you and your pet. We are fully insured to care for your pets.

Dog Sitting – Our dog sitting service includes three visits each day where your dog will be played with, let out, and fed the number of times per day you specify. We will clean up after your dog when let out and exercise/walk your dog during these visits. We will also brush your dog and administer oral medication upon request at no additional charge. Each visit averages 20 minutes. Additional services are also available.

Dog Sitting Daily Rates – $40 for one dog, $10 for each additional dog, $6 for each additional cat

Cat sitting cat_closeup

Cat sitting – Our cat sitting service includes one visit per day where we will feed, water, clean the litter box, and play with your cat. We will brush your cat and administer oral medication upon request at no additional charge. Each visit averages 20 minutes. Additional services are also available.

Cat Sitting Daily Rates – $15 for one cat, $7 for each additional cat.

Other Pets Prices available upon request.

Add ons:

Mail service – complimentary upon request
Additional visits – $13 each
Thirty minute walk (dogs only) – $10 per walk with pet sitting
Indoor plant care – $5 for full period away
Fish feeding – $5 for full period away

Terms & Conditions

All pet owners must provide any required food, bowls, leashes, and toys. City Pet Supply is not responsible for damage to or theft of property, or injury to your animal. By using City Pet Supply’s pet-sitting or dog walking services you agree to allow us to take your animal to seek veterinary care at your expense should an emergency arise. Payment required before service is performed.

City Pet Club

As a way of thanking our customers, City Pet Supply offers a customer appreciation program called the City Pet Club. Membership is free and comes with many perks:

  • Receive exclusive member discounts. You will be able to take advantage of discounted prices that are only offered to members of the club. Not only will you save on many products and services, but we will also alert you when we are having special store-wide promotions and events.
  • $2.00 off self-serve dog washes. City Pet Club members receive $2.00 off every self-service dog wash.
  • Get pet birthday perks. Your pet will receive a complimentary birthday treat on their birthday. You will also receive a discount on any pet birthday cakes that you order from us.