Turtle & Tortoise Food

Aquariums have of late been so prominent among many people. Turtles and fish are reared in these aquariums. However, the most essential things are to feed the turtle with the appropriate food if you ever dream of it surviving in that aquarium. Nonetheless, getting the best turtle food is not a very hard task since most of these turtles are not so demanding. There are different types of foods for turtles in the market. Since your main goal is getting the best turtle food, we can always help you out to get some.

Turtle Food

Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food

Zoo med is one of the most natural food since it is made from the natural ingredients. It provides the safety needed to the pet hence ensuring good health. Depending on your requirements, the product always available in 3 distinct sizes that have different levels of protein. All that you have to do is choose what you need for your pet. These sizes are the maintenance, growth and the hatchling formula.

This food is made with ingredients like choline chloride, fish oils, fish meals, soybeans, wheat mill run and supplements of vitamin E among others.  This long list of ingredients ensures that your pet gets the best out of the foods hence making it healthy and strong. Moreover, the scientific formulation is done to the foods during manufacture making it easily digestible once ingested into the turtle’s gut. The floating nature of this food pellets favour the feeding habits of the turtles since they mostly feed on the water surface.

Tetra RepTomin Floating Food Sticks

Among all the foods for turtles present in the market, you should consider the tetra reptomin food. It can be used for the newts, the frogs and also for the turtles making it a multipurpose type of food. Unlike most of the other foods, this one has high nutrient content that ensures good health for the pet. It also has nutrients like vitamin C and calcium that is relevant for strengthening the turtles.

Metabolism of the food is made to be easy as possible hence making it easy to reap enough nutrients from the food. More so, the pellets easily float in the water providing an ease of feeding for the turtle. Once this food is given to the pet, you are assured of strength and good vitality and health hence making the pet happy and comfortable. However, you should know that the introduction of the food into the water makes the aquarium dirty hence you should be prepared to clean the aquarium for the best results.

Zoo Med Sun-Dried Large Red Shrimp

The best food for tortoise manufacturers have yet manufactured another food product for turtles. Zoo med manufacturers have gone a long way in ensuring that they have fully taken care of your aquatic pets. This food can be used on a variety of aquarium pets hence making it one of the best foods that you can purchase.

It can be used on large salty or freshwater fish, the invertebrates as well as aquatic turtles. This makes it a very essential food that you can acquire for your aquatic pets. The ingredients making up the food provides it with a lot of proteins that are essential for strengthening the turtle. It contains around 59% of the protein content which is higher than that present in most of the other turtle foods in the market.

It can be used both for a long time or single time feeding of the pets since it can serve both purposes. Apart from high amounts of proteins, it has other essential nutrients that always provide your turtle with the required nutrients. Once you start using this food, your turtles will start growing faster in only a few weeks. Most of the farmers using the food have reported these changes. This makes the food one of the best that provides the required results. Nonetheless, you should know that some people argue that the food has a foul smell that irritates them. However, its nutritional properties surpass the smell produced.


Turtle’s beauty is exceptional. To maintain this, you must always have them nourished by providing the most nutritious food. Since there are various foods for turtles available in the market, you should always know what your turtle needs and the type of food to acquire. In order to avoid excess struggle, we have compiled a number of best foods for the turtle that you can try. Make a choice of the food you require and give it to your pet turtles for the best results.

Habitat for Green Anoles

Green anoles are lizards estimated to be between 5 to 8 inches in length. The lizard has a long and skinny tail with white lips and belly. It has characteristic long hind legs and pads on its feet that help it with mobility on different surfaces. More so, it has eyelids that can move independently of each other. Unlike most of the other lizards, this bright green lizard has the ability to change its colour to dark brown or even brownish green. The characteristic best habitat for green anoles has been described in this article.

Green Anoles

Choosing Habitat for Green Anole


When choosing a habitat for green anoles, it can be easier to have anoles of the same sex in the same habitat. However, when putting them together, ensure that the reptiles are of the same size to avoid conflict and competition that arises from one being smaller and the other one being bigger. When preparing the best habitat for a green anole, a vivarium should first be considered. This refers to a vented lid container that is similar to an aquarium. The container is one of the best ways to keep a lizard since the ideal humidity amounts can easily be maintained and controlled for the survival and good health of the lizard.

Nonetheless, the number of green anoles present should determine the vivarium size. One male green anole and several female anoles can be put together. However, having several male anoles in the same container may cause them to fight. The ideal vivarium size for two green anoles is ten-gallon vivarium while a vivarium size of 48” by 13” by 20 which is equivalent to a tank or 20-gallon vivarium is an ideal habitat for a single male and 2 or 3 female green anoles.


After finding the correct tank size, you should create an environment that is as healthy and natural as possible for the lizard to survive. This means that all the items required to give the habitat the natural properties should be sought. The sterile potting soil of approximately 2 inches should initially be laid on the base of the tank. This soil should then be covered with mulch or even barks. A number of potted plants should then be placed in the tank to allow humidity control and a climbing opportunity. Reptile safe plants like ficus, philodendrons and pothos among others are some of the best choices. More branches should be added and propped on the sides of the tank to allow climbing. However, branches should only be bought from the pet store since those from the outside have parasites.


Additionally, a basking area for the lizard should be provided. This can be an area within the tank that receives higher temperatures during the day than most of the other areas in the tank. Such an area allows the lizard to have a place where it can easily busk during the day. A temperature of between 85 to 90F is ideal for this area. This means that you have to go for a secondary source of heat that does not cover more than 25% of the total size of the habitat. Such a source may include an incandescent bulb of around 50 to 75 watts protected in a pottery base such that it is placed in a position where the lizard cannot actually reach and touch. More so, you can go for other specialized heat sources provided in the pet stores. Note that hot rocks should never be used as sources of heat for the lizard.

Just like any other reptile, the green anoles need some hiding areas. Having hiding spots under the leaves and logs provides the most ideal habitat for the lizard. To provide such an environment, have a point where you have placed appropriate barks of woods as well as logs in the tank. One of the best ideas is having a hiding place in the busking area. Additionally, you can choose to acquire special hiding houses that are sold in the pet stores. You can then place these hiding houses in the tank to provide the anole with a good and ideal hiding spot.


Green anoles are environment sensitive hence the kind of habitat they are introduced to should be highly controlled. The key, however, is controlling the temperatures, the humidity and the providing UVB light to allow it to synthesize calcium and vitamin D3. All the items that you require are available in the pet stores. To ensure that you are able to provide the best habitat for your anole, we have reviewed a number of items that you require and the best steps to take to build the most idea and healthy habitat.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services

Dog Walkingdogwalking

Dog walking Our dog walking service allows your dog(s) to get the exercise and playtime they need. You can choose the time that you want your dog to be walked whether it be a mid-day break while you are at work or a morning or evening walk. Your dog(s) will not be walked with any other client’s pets unless requested so we can give them the individual attention that they deserve. We are fully insured to walk your best friend.

Thirty minute walk – $25
One hour walk/playtime – $40
Mid-day potty break (10 minutes, downtown residents only) – $10

Pet Sitting

City Pet Supply’s pet-sitting service allows your pet to relax in the comfort of your own home and avoid noisy, stressful kennels while you are away. We are able to offer your pets individual attention and personalize our service to meet the needs of you and your pet. We are fully insured to care for your pets.

Dog Sitting – Our dog sitting service includes three visits each day where your dog will be played with, let out, and fed the number of times per day you specify. We will clean up after your dog when let out and exercise/walk your dog during these visits. We will also brush your dog and administer oral medication upon request at no additional charge. Each visit averages 20 minutes. Additional services are also available.

Dog Sitting Daily Rates – $40 for one dog, $10 for each additional dog, $6 for each additional cat

Cat sitting cat_closeup

Cat sitting – Our cat sitting service includes one visit per day where we will feed, water, clean the litter box, and play with your cat. We will brush your cat and administer oral medication upon request at no additional charge. Each visit averages 20 minutes. Additional services are also available.

Cat Sitting Daily Rates – $15 for one cat, $7 for each additional cat.

Other Pets Prices available upon request.

Add ons:

Mail service – complimentary upon request
Additional visits – $13 each
Thirty minute walk (dogs only) – $10 per walk with pet sitting
Indoor plant care – $5 for full period away
Fish feeding – $5 for full period away

Terms & Conditions

All pet owners must provide any required food, bowls, leashes, and toys. City Pet Supply is not responsible for damage to or theft of property, or injury to your animal. By using City Pet Supply’s pet-sitting or dog walking services you agree to allow us to take your animal to seek veterinary care at your expense should an emergency arise. Payment required before service is performed.

City Pet Club

As a way of thanking our customers, City Pet Supply offers a customer appreciation program called the City Pet Club. Membership is free and comes with many perks:

  • Receive exclusive member discounts. You will be able to take advantage of discounted prices that are only offered to members of the club. Not only will you save on many products and services, but we will also alert you when we are having special store-wide promotions and events.
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